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Feb 7, 2008
Ok, im not the best Visual Studio developer in the world. So if you can spare a few moments to help that would be great.

Im using Visual Studio 10 beta at the moment, along with Visual Studio 2005.

My project has a form that connects to records stored in an Access database...that all works fine. The project also has a tab that shows a Crystal Report (data from the Access database) that all works fine too.

The next step is after the Crystal Report is run and exported to Excel format, i close my app and open a master Spreadsheet, that has a big macro in it. This then opens the exported Excel file and prepares the spreadsheet.

Now the problem im having is using an Excel spreadsheet (or workbook if you like) from within my Visual Studio application, i just cant seem to do it;
VS2005 i downloaded the the office tool kit, but it doesnt seem to install correctly as i only have the option of creating an "Excel-addin" as a project type.

So i thought i would have a go in VS 2010. I can create an Office Excel workbook project no problems, but i cannot change the start up object to say a main form.... So i cant see a way of integrating my Database application and Crystal Report into an Excel workbook project which just seems to launch Excel.

Looking at it the other way, I have upgraded my project from 2005 to 2010 and have referenced Excel, i have chosen Excel's bits and pieces in "chose items" in the tool box, but they always seem to be greyed out and cannot select say a workbook to embed into a form i have added on my application.

My goal is to consolidate this into my application ;
1 form with 3 tabs, 1 is my database interface, 1 is the crystal report (this is as far as i have got) and a third tab that loads in my master spreadsheet that will allow me to run the macro via its button.

Can anyone help with this throwing some ideas my way.


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