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Hi I was wondering if there is anyway to have a search feature on a local web page that searches a local access.mdb file? I know there is a way to do it in forms, but I want to use the web interface. Is there something I am over looking or is it not possible


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Jan 4, 2003
"Search feature" is very ambiguous. To narrow it down, do this:
Try to make a query in your database that will do the search you want and return the rows & fields you require. If you come up with something that works, you can easily implement it using ASP (assuming you are running an actual web server for your local web pages, and not just serving up HTML pages from a file location.)

Basic steps:
-Form on your calling page with text input and submit button.
-ASP page called by the form action...builds SQL string from form submission data (request.querystring("mysearchbox")), pulls recordset from database and builds page of results.

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