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Mar 14, 2017
We have some Sharepoint on-premises sites and some Sharepoint Online sites. The Sharepoint Online site was automatically created by way of us creating a Team in Microsoft Teams.

I have Sharepoint Lists from both types of Sites linked as Linked Tables in an Access database.

My regular non-Citrix users are able to use the Access database with no issues (assuming of course that they have access to the Sharepoint sites) - no matter which type of Site (on-prem or SPO) the List is hosted on.

However, my Citrix users have a big problem. Only when doing something in the database that touches the Sharepoint Online list (linked table), they get numerous pop-ups asking them for their login credentials. From my testing it seems like generally speaking, the end result (no matter what they enter) is that the thing the db is trying to do doesn't work - however, occasionally it will, it's just pretty random.

This happens regardless, whether the db is trying to do a simple Read (dlookup), an Insert, etc.

Note - these same 'problem users' (Citrix users with Sharepoint Online lists) have NO trouble if I simply email them a link to the Sharepoint List, they can click it, open it in their browser, enter/delete data, etc., no problem - no login popups or other troubles.

Does anyone have any experience with this issue or thoughts of maybe there's a different way I should be linking these lists or something??

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Jul 9, 2003
I noticed that your post has yet to receive a reply, hence I am bumping it up the list for a second look.

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