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Apr 21, 2017

I have been trying without any luck to get the company name to automatically go to the field "company" using the information in the field "assigned to"

i have a form called "home " of which 2 of the fields are called " company" and "assigned to" . this information comes from drop down boxes from my query called "contacts extended " when I select the person I assign the work to in the from "home" can it look at the name and put the company in for me

thank you


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Mar 9, 2014
Why do you need to save the company name? If you save the person ID and you have a table that shows which company this person is associated with, the company can always be retrieved in query linking tables.

Include the company as a column in the combobox RowSource. Expression in textbox can pull company by referencing the combobox column by its index. Index begins with 0 so if company is in third column, its index is 2.


Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
Or join to the company table if you need more than one other field to display. Then you can pick all the columns you want and bind them to the form.

WARNING though. If you do this, you MUST set the locked properties of all the lookup fields to Yes to prevent accidental updating. I also set the Tab Stop property to No so that the user just tabs over them when using the tab key AND, I frequently make them uenabled also which grays out the control.

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