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Jul 16, 2021
Not true. That is what combo boxes are for. You will NEVER even see the numbers unless you open the tables directly and even as the developer, you should NOT be updating the tables directly. You should be using the form interface because that is where the code that validates data lives. Using lookups on the tables is what is allowing you to follow this poor practice of updating the tables directly. Remove the lookups (there's lots of info about why they are a problem so you don't have to believe me. Look for yourself). Use combos on forms and you will have the same nice experience of choosing by text rather than by number.

The bridge game is about to start so I'll look at your new example later.
I hope the bridge game went well! It has been years since I played, but I still hold it to be the greatest game ever invented.

Thank you for clearing that up. I hadn't realised that there was such a distinction between having combo boxes on the tables (which then naturally transfer to the forms) vs having combo boxes on the forms only. I can readily believe that the former is frowned upon. Rest assured I have zero intention of updating the tables directly, hence my queries relating to how to limit the choices of combo boxes in forms.

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Try this:-

I thought I posted this yesterday! For some reason it didn't post.

Probably user error!


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