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I'm new to this forum. Thank goodness I found it. Anyway on to my question.

Below is a link to the report so you might be able to understand what I am trying to do. I have the following expressions that help me get the sub-totals in the report:


These expressions help me get the sub-totals, which give the total for the Total RDS Needed. However, I am having trouble adding all of the Total RDS Needed in the report to get a Grand Total to stick in the Report Footer. The idea is that the report will print all the following information for 'like' DODICs, in this case the DODIC is AA33, then after it finds all of the DODIC's it gives a Grand Total of the Total RDS Needed in the report footer, and then goes on to the next DODIC and does it all over again. This is what I am having trouble with.

The report wizard can't calculate sums like this. It adds up all the Sub-Totals with no trouble, but can't add all of the Total RDS Needed to give me a Grand Total. I suspect this is because it can't hold onto the varible, instead all I get is a "0" for the Grand Total because the calculated field is not stored in the dB.

Here is a link to look at it.


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I am guessing that from DODIC Course ... through to Total RDS needed is all part of the Detail section.

If so, then go into the design view of the report, right click on the textbox that contains the total for the detail section and in the Name property call it Tot_RDS.

Now in the report footer where you want the grand total type =Sum(Tot_RDS)

Ought to work

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