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Dennis Kraak

Hi, can someone help me with this one ?

I've made a dialogform with a combo box
When I press the OK button, another form opens with the records that match the "input" of the combo.
My problem is: How to close the dialogform when the other form opens ????

Peter Paul

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Today, 12:02
Jan 1, 2000
My suggestion is to go into the form you wish to close. Go to the properties for the "OK" button. On the properties, go to the EVENT tab, then click on the ''' button next to that. In front of the line of code, add this


Close the code, and try it. If you put the command in front, it will close the box or form, and still continue with the rest of the operation.

Hope that helps

Dennis Kraak

Thanks a lot !!!!! It works !!

I've tried a lot of codes on several events but DoCmd.Close BEFORE DoCmd.OpenForm "MyForm", acNormal (at the OK_Click) ?!?
I would never have found this one by myself...Thanks again !!!!!


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