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Mar 23, 2022
I have many open reports from forms, but for some reason, this one is not being friendly.

I have a form
Default View: Continuous
Query: qryRequested Course_Crosstab
On field [Requested Provider] I have an on double click to open a report

Report Name
Provider Details

When I double-click on Requested Provider, I want it to open the report to filter only that provider.

The report opens fine.

This is what I have.

In the where part I have "[Requested Provider] = ' " & [Requested Provider] & " ' "

I have a screenshot of my query. I believe my problem is with the crosstab.



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Mar 28, 2022
I have a form that opens up a report for a person.

i set up a global filter in a module to ensure that the data is accessible to both the form and the report. In the form, this code is used to set the filter

gblFilter = “PersonId = “ & specfiedPersonId

The report is invoked with a DoCmd.OpenReport statement.

In the Sub Report_Open routine, I have the following code

Me.Fliter = “”
Me.FliterOn = True
if Not IsNulll(gblFilter) Then
Me.Filter = gblFilter
End If

The query has the records for all people, sorted by person identifier. when The filter is set, only records for that person make it for formatting,

Hopefully, this answers your question.

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