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  • Hey I sent you what I need to do I hope u can help me

    try this link again it should give u an idea of what I need to do. If not drop me an email to mikd1970@yahoo.com and i will email you the file that is at that link.
    Hi Paul you have given someone a solution "ways to calculate difference between numerical records."

    I am very new at this you mentioned to use SQL and this was the

    SELECT MeterReadings.MeterID, MeterReadings.Date, MeterReadings.Reading, (SELECT Reading FROM MeterReadings AS Alias WHERE Alias.MeterID = MeterReadings.MeterID AND Alias.Date = (SELECT Max(Date) FROM MeterReadings AS Alias2 WHERE Alias2.MeterID = MeterReadings.MeterID AND Alias2.Date < MeterReadings.Date)) AS PrevReading, [Reading]-[PrevReading] AS Diff
    FROM MeterReadings
    ORDER BY MeterReadings.MeterID, MeterReadings.Date

    The Fields I use are [WellsDate]and [Main Meter] from my "tblWells" i also have many meters too if there is an easy way to combine them all in one would be great? and i am looking for it to be in a user choice referance too if it is possible? i changed most of it but it still does not work and i know i have done something wrong please help me :)
    Hey Paul. Just to say thanks for helping me with that form earlier. I've just sent you a private message looking for more guidance. Thanks, Neil
    Hello, I just wanted to thank you for the help you have given me with my silly beginner questions thus far! This is my first Access project, and I appreciate your time and assistance very much!
    Hey Paul,

    Do you have any good articels or links to help me with a hyper link in html text. You had posted some code but I am unable to get it to work.
    Thanks for your help with my print checkbox problem, Paul.

    If there's any place where I can vote for you, give you cyber props, etc, let me know.


    Just an FYI. This query has been running for about 30 minutes. It use to run for 3 min before the equation was entered.
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