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Mar 14, 2019

I am prepping to write my first program (ever! ) after not finding something that suits my needs. And it may seem odd to ask, but I'd like to know the best route in programming language I should use.

My focus is to keep a simple inventory on my computer that I can periodically synch--by plugging in URL/username/password--with online generated data. Is this a simple enough program for a first-timer? (Info from web to desktop).

So here are my questions:

What language would you use to synch data on the desktop from data online? There are auction programs that do this, I understand. Is this the same as an RSS type of browser-tool?

If I had a very basic inventory I'd like to periodically synch, would you write a VB program? Code an Excel sheet? Find an OpenSource project, gut it and customize for your particular needs?

If website-related Sitepoint may be a bit off-target for my needs--and if I can be so bold to ask--would you kindly recommend an equally respected forum that caters to programmers?

My progamming level: I am an intermediate CSS/HTML user with manual assisted PHP/MySQL skills. I plan to research and learn the appropriate languages needed for the project I have in mind.

I thank you kindly for any and all input you may have!

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Jul 9, 2003
I'm not sure I entirely grasp the gist of your question , there's a lot there, and I'm lazy! If you're asking for recommendations on how to link your PC to data on the web, then if I had to do this, never having done it before, then I would probably go with XL but my choice would be because it's based on VBA which I have a reasonable grasp of. So in other words my choice wouldn't be that this is the best program, but it's the best program for me. My other choice would be Python, I have very little experience with Python, however there is a wealth of information on it, freely available on the internet. Again that would be my reasoning, how easy it is to find a solution and get help implementing that solution.

Another choice I might make, would be something like Google or Amazon. In other words an online solution, because I really need to learn one of those! Mind you having said those two, I do understand that Microsoft is making some serious advances into cloud stuff.

Anyway re-reading my response I don't think I've really helped you! Let's hope you get some other responses, I'm sure you will!


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May 11, 2011
Yeah, you didn't provide enough details. It was mostly focused on what happens in the middle, not what the 2 endpoints look like. Those end points will drive this. So--

Tell us about where the online data is now. How do/will you consume it? Do you have a direct link to the database it is in? Or will you need to scrape a page?

Tell us about where the data is going once scraped. What will you be doing with it? What's the ultimate end product? Some printable report for management? A spreadsheet you can look at?

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