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Martin Beney

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Mar 22, 2007
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I have my doubts as to the solvablity of this one.

I have a form with many (too many most would say) sub-forms each displaying a potentially large JPG. Its intended to be a page of thumbnails that will be resizeable.

With NO resize events anywhere when I resize the main form (only after the images are loaded) the system stops for a long number of seconds. You can't change to another task let alone do anything in Access itself.

It appears to be that Access itself is doing some refreshing (unneeded) of each subform.

So can anybody suggest a way to stop access doing this? I have investigated Windows messages but nothing seems to fire specifically for resize or move).

I don't intend to change language or similar (I'm too old and fuddy for that!!!)



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Apr 9, 2015
you should only have 1 subform , in a tab control.
This will minimize the memory reqs needed to fill ALL the forms with data.

When user changes the tab, change recordsource of the form. This will speed up a lot.
Private Sub TabCtl_Change()
Select Case TabCtl.Value
  Case "Phones"
     subFrm.SourceObject = "frmPhones"
  Case "clients"
     subFrm.SourceObject = "frmClients"
  Case "Invoices"
     subFrm.SourceObject = "frmInvoices"
End Select
End Sub

also, if you are displaying full images of a jpg , that too can slow the system.
I store the PATHS of the images. If user wants to see full image, I open the jpg in its native app. (not access)

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