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PS 3 vs Ps4 (1 Viewer)


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Today, 13:31
Mar 23, 2007
My son has developed an interest in playing the PS4 that is set up in our local library. At present, I don't have the money or inclination to buy one.

I have seen a lot of local ads on Kijji for people selling used PS3s for around $100. Does it make sense to get a PS3 for that price, or would I be better off waiting and getting a PS4 at some point?

Bear in mind:
1) All I want to do is load discs into the machine and play the games
2) I have no interest in the internet capabilities of the machine (my son's seven and the last thing I want is him stumbling into some online gaming community)
3) I don't want to use it as a Blu Ray/DVD/CD player
4) There are a lot of PS3 games available to borrow for free from our local library

Please avoid technical specs in your answers, as they'll only go over my head :eek:, I just want a general idea of whether a PS4 is worlds better than the PS3, or if it would only be hardcore gamers that "need" the upgrade.


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Today, 13:31
Dec 26, 2002
PS3 is still getting SOME new games going into 2016, but PS4 will be the future. PS3 should be more than enough to satisfy a 7 year old though, I imagine.

So, I say hold off on the PS4 until they are cheaper and stick with PS3 for now.


been around a little
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Today, 10:31
May 3, 2007
I know this is an oldish thread but I just thought I'd weigh in.
I have both the PS3 and the PS4. Some of the games were better as PS3 than they are as PS4 - example being the Tiger Woods golf series by EA Sports was far better than the new Rory McIlroy version. Far far better. And when I got the PS4 I returned the Tiger Woods game thinking the updated game would HAVE to be better.
The difference in the graphics and speed between PS3 and PS4 are nearly indistinguishable.
There was a better variety of games for PS3 - now they are almost all variants of COD - namely first person shooter type games - and they make me nauseous - can't play them without getting motion sickness.
Only issue are the new games which certainly are going to be geared for PS4. But as I said the games aren't really that interesting (to me). My favorite PS3 games are not even available for PS4.
The Last Guy
Tiger Woods EA Sports
Grand Turismo

just to name a few.

SO that's my take. PS3 is a great console.

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