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Jun 2, 2005
Leave it to the Brits to make a robotic carp. In a place where fish and chips wrapped in newspaper is a delicacy, I guess it only makes sense, but this new robot fish was biologically inspired by its fried brethren and can now be viewed at the London Aquarium. It took just three years to come up with these self-sufficient suckers and you’ll find them swimming around in their own tanks, entirely on their own (no wires, we promise). Embedded sensors promise true AI and the fish can swim at a maximum speed of 20-inches per second. So what of future fake fish? “We want the fish to have the ability to look for its own charging station, just like a real fish looking for food,” says lead researcher Professor Huosheng Hu. AT least the kids won’t have to worry about finding one of these floationg belly up anytime soon.

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