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Mar 28, 2012
The field admin_nbr_value is a multiselect.

I want the report to run only if there is an "Initial" and "Termination" selected from admin_nbr_value field; which means the client filled out 2 separate forms.

Each form has data associated with it that is being aggregated to show increase/decrease in findings.

If there is no Termination form, I don't want the Initial form and value fields to show.

The below only will show the Term data
Using Crystal 13

IF ({cc_parent_rating.p_survey_admin_nbr_Value}) = "Termination" THEN

{cc_parent_rating.p_survey_admin_nbr_Value} in ["Initial", "Termination"] and

{cc_parent_rating.p_rating_date} in {?StartTermDate} to {?EndTermDate}

All suggestions welcome...


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Apr 9, 2015
you can put the values on the form and not let users see them. set visible= false
then the report is:

if txtTermination.value and txtInitial.value then docmd.openreport "rMyReport"

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