Run time error with importing after splitting database (1 Viewer)


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Sep 8, 2020
Are you sure that this is the problem code? Are you calling that code from other code? Can you show the 'whole' code?
This is being called elsewhere, but it fails at the transferspreadsheet. The rest of the code that calls it just does a bunch of docmd's to run queries to update/append/clean up. Those dont do anything "special".


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Feb 28, 2001
OK, if the back end is a native Access database on a BE server, once that file is in place, you need to determine your effective permissions on the file. Using standard exploration methods, right-click on the BE file, >> Properties >> Security >> Effective Permissions. You will have to select your own username. What you SHOULD have is (a) MODIFY permissions on the BE file and (b) MODIFY permissions on the folder holding the BE on that server. If you have MODIFY on one but not the other, then we are looking at an inability to do something at a basic file-system permissions level. I could go crazy here on an explanation but if the permissions are OK, then there is no need for my particular craziness to kick in.

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