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Jun 22, 2009
Since I've started upgrading computers on my network I get a new error from our Access system: "The command or action 'SendObject' isn't available now.

The error comes up when we attempt to email from within our Access program. On the PCs where it works a report is generated and then Outlook Express opens up with the report included. On the PCs that don't work, the report is generated but Outlook Express doesn't load.

Our access database is on the server and each workstation has the Access 2000 runtime installed on it (rather than a full copy of Access) and a shortcut to the program on the server. All PCs run Microsoft Office 2000 with one exception where Office 97 is installed, and Windows XP Pro or Home SP2.

I'm not really sure what's changed but I suspect a Windows update might have tightened down security. Is there anyone who has experienced this before or might otherwise have an idea as to how to get it working again?

Thanks for the help.

I am having the same problem with Access XP due to updates. Did you find a fix/workaround?
No. I can't seem to find help with this anywhere. Hanging in there, keeping my fingers crossed.
Do all of the computers that don't work have an email profile created?
I was finally able to fix it. We use Thunderbird for our email, Windows XP SP3, Office XP SP2/XP3. When Access quit working for SendObject, it was also brought to my attention by other users that Word, Excel and even Adobe Reader were all unable to attach a document to an email from within the respective program. Creating a new message from within Thunderbird and then attaching the saved file still worked...obviously no help for the access problem.

I ended up repairing my Office installation and that led me to have to go into "Set Program Access and Defaults" to change Thunderbird to the default. Under the "Custom" section, I changed "Choose a default e-mail program" from "Use my current e-mail program" to "Mozilla Thunderbird" and now it works fine. Apparently it needed to be specified and not defaulted to "current e-mail program."

When I had installed Thunderbird on each machine, I had set the email default in the Internet Options ->Program section (which never changed), but it appears that I also needed to set it in Program Access and Defaults. I read that a bunch of times in my searching and assumed that because I had set it in Internet Options that it was the same. It was not.

I'm still interested to find out why this happened. I assume it was some Windows Update, but don't know for sure. If anyone knows, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Sorry for the long-winded reply, but it baffles me. I hope this helps.

Well, thanks for posting back with the answer. Hopefully it will help some other poor soul down the line who ends up with a similar problem :)
This didn't do it for me. :confused:
I was really hopeful. Any other ideas?


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Thanks, setting Thunderbird specifically in Windows fixed my email SendObject problem for Access 2007. I had gone into Thunderbird's options to set it as the default mail client, but that wasn't enough.
Sorry for posting this in an old thread - it came up via Google.
I spent 2 days troubleshooting the same MS Access SendObject issue. Our email client is Lotus Notes. The solution was that my win.ini file was somehow messed up (in C:\WINNT or C:\Windows).

This code was missing...

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