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Oct 20, 2018
I see why, I think. One is Springfield, the other is Springfield Township. Locals in the latter location might just refer to their base as Springfield, but Township is part of the name. You would have to enter Springfield Township in the table field because that is the correct name (or so I gather from Google). I'll leave it to someone else to figure out Red Bank if they're interested.

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Feb 19, 2002
My mapping apps find only one Springfield in Pennsylvania and no Red Bank in Alabama.
According to the Wickipedia, there are no cities named Springfield in Pennsylvania but there are 9 townships named Springfield Township. The Post Office recognizes two places named Springfield, both are close to Philadelphia and one of them (southernmost) is the one recognized by Google and MapQuest as a real place.

I would get a list of legal cities from the Post Office. Those are what you need for mailing addresses. If you include county with city, I think that makes the two unique but I didn't get the official city list from the USPS.

Municipality	County	212 Population
Springfield Township	Delaware	24,255
Springfield Township	Montgomery	19,484
Springfield Township	York	5,268
Springfield Township	Bucks	5,047
Springfield Township	Erie	3,413
Springfield Township	Fayette	3,017
Springfield Township	Mercer	1,976
Springfield Township	Bradford	1,120
Springfield Township	Huntingdon	651


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