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May 21, 2000
I am using XP Pro. For some reason the title bar (Blue Bar at top) of internet explorer only displays the first letter of the title ie 'A' instead of 'Access world forums'. I did a system restore and this cured the problem but only for a short while. This only occurs in the IE window, no other windows are affected.
I have done a full virus scan and used adaware and they show no problems. I would welcome any advice.
Have you tried reinstalling Internet Explorer?
Tried your suggestion Vassago - did not cure the problem. I can live with it as long as nothing sinister is the cause. I will keep Firefox in mind.
Could be a similar problem as a reply I made for shadowraven about windows file explorer (possible corruption) see same link - a possibility ?

I would agree with the monkey chap Firefox is so much better and secure than IE, has lots of extensions, themes and features - trust me you will not go back :)

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