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The whole thing here defies logic
I just wanted to add "logic" is a conditional word. When I see a database for an accounting system, I don't judge what is logical and what is not. Because I don't have the slightest idea how an accounting system works.
It surprises me you think what we are doing defies logic without even knowing anything about our business.
I really appreciate your time though. Thanks for your intent to help.

Have you already landed on the unbound form? If events and dependencies in a bound form bother me, I eliminate the cause and switch to the unbound form because of a single record in a step-by-step determination of individual content.
Not landed yet. We are doing some tests to see how it goes. So far, it seems it's the way to go, but I have to take two other supervisors' OK.
thanks again.
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@KitaYama I didn't try this but what if you used reports and the browser control to embed them? You can have all the formatting you want on the reports. I don't know if the browser control will show the report in report view (in which case the controls are "live") or in print preview (in which case they are "dead").
I didn't try this but what if you used reports and the browser control to embed them?
To be honest, what you explained is an unknown world for me and I don't dare to step in an unfamiliar world and do something that I'm not able to correct in case of problems. If for any unknown reason something goes wrong, I don't want to be the one person who's responsible for it.

I just received a message from my supervisor that he had signed and accepted what @ebs17 had suggested earlier. The next update, scheduled for 5th of May will contain our first unbound form.

Thanks for all the comments, advices and help from all who participated.
I think tonight we all can sleep in peace.
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