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I have a database with several data tables. Several have data concerning classes which a individual students have taken, one which has data concerning classes required to be taken for a particular major, one which has data about what classes are being offered a particular semester, and one which contains which prerequisites are required for each course. What I am trying to get to happen is for the user to run a report and be prompted for a student's ID number. Access will then run a query based on the classes that student has taken and compare it to the classes required by his major, giving a report detailing the classes that still need to be taken. Access will then run a query based on that report and the data table which contains the information on classed being offered next semester and generate a report detailing the classes the student needs to take which are being offered next semester. Access then runs a report that takes each of the available classes and tells what prerequisites are required for each of those classes. I have accomplished this by creating the queries manually for one student but I want the process to be automated so all a user has to do is key in the student ID number and be given the final report. Can this be done and if so how? A data flow diagram which basically describes what I am trying to accomplish is located at


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I don't know if this answers your problem, but you can base queries on other queries, not just on tables.

ie I think that what you are trying to accomplish, as detailed in your data flow diagram, can be done in one query; which may require sub-queries.

Therefore, when handling the user request for the report; just open the report directly. The user will be prompted (or the query will read from a form, etc) for the required ID.

Sorry if I've misunderstood your problem.

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