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Oct 28, 2021
At work in windows my group level security is "Users"
The problem with this is very limited, you can't even change ur windows language.

So any one knows user group level security limited same as "Users" but with little more permission to change at least my windows language? at least I want them to upgrade user to that level to get some permissions.
Are we talking about a full-blown Domain environment? Or is this a stand-alone Windows 10 Home environment that happens to be on a network? If it is Win Pro or Win Enterprise, you have some choices. Win Home has only three options: Administrator, User, and Guest.

This article might be helpful in identifying groups other than "Users" but it DOES depend on convincing the IT group to grant it.

Hi thanks for replying
I think it is going to be full-blown Domain environment because it is at work. I don't think IT will change my user security level :(
The usual problem with getting an IT group to do something is that you can't do it... but if your supervisor wants something done that you can't do because of security, the supervisor can advise the IT people that you need it for your job, which is important to the company in some specific way. The point is, there is a strategy to your situation and I understand it well. I worked with the U.S. Navy as a contractor for many years and I know this trick. IT groups were ALWAYS in my way, which meant nothing once I learned how to handle them.

You apply a variant of the serenity prayer. You take on the problems you can solve and then find a way to make the other (insoluble) problems someone else's problems - such that if they want results, THEY have to solve something or not get what they want.

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