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Company Profile

We are a software house specialising in Microsoft Access and Microsoft Office solutions. Our core in-house team of Access Programmers is supported by Microsoft Office Trainers, and an established pool of programming resources to compliment our team of professionals.

Access World was launched in 1995 to cater for those companies who use Microsoft Office as their preferred Office suite software. As an established consultancy, we have built considerable experience in Microsoft Access by retaining our focus on the product and not diversifying into other database platforms.

Our Philosophy
To focus on delivering quality Microsoft Access services to a worldwide audience. We adhere to strict software development practices to ensure quality products. Much of our energy is spent in establishing standards for good interface design to guarantee a highly user friendly application. Rigorous quality control procedures help us maintain consistency and quality in our finished products. We aim to deliver on budget, on time and with the minimum of fuss.

Our programmers are fully conversant with Microsoft Access and VBA. They can tackle issues such as Remote Access, Replication, Client/Server, upgrading from previous versions of Access and conversions from different database platforms.

Additionally, they are used to dealing with both IT staff and non-IT staff. They are skilful at communicating on a level commensurate with the IT literacy of the client.

Machines, equipment and resources
Our state-of-the-art software development facility has the following:

  • ADSL for fast response to your request for updates, development, modification and troubleshooting.

  • A large library of Access related material including our extensive in-house Knowledgebase, TechNet CD's, books and periodicals. This ensures we have the resources to cater for any project you may throw at us.

  • A wide range of PC's and operating systems to simulate any environment your database may face.

  • Ready built programming code to save development time on all database projects.

Microsoft Access Services

  • Database Development and consultancy

  • Corrupt database repair and recovery

  • Feasibility study & specification building

  • Technical support

  • Database conversions ( from other platforms to Access and upgrading previous Access versions)

  • Training

Our clients range from multinational companies right down to the small business. Since we have been specialising in Microsoft Access since 1995, our experience is vast and varied.

We have worked with the NHS, National Grid, Q8 Petroleum, Bank of Scotland, SmithKline Beecham Pharmaceuticals, Universities and much more. Our clients are all over the world, in countries from USA to Australia, Brazil to India.

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