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  • Thanks for the compliment

    And it’s been a project I’ve wanted to do for a while and as you saw I started in some PowerPoint but then thought how I would hold the variables.

    And yeah was what I was going for on the XRoads form, as can’t really do animation and again thanks for the comment about the satchel, I wanted it to be more graphically with images of each item but form would have been huge and this current layout I like

    Not thinking of having a D&D as not sure on combat yet but also on world size wasn’t sure on any other way to do it, any ideas, more than welcome
    Oh this is very attractive! Thank you for letting me see it. I only have a little time to look it over, but I like what I see so far. It seems like a Project that you have just begun, am I correct? I do like the way that (in the XRoads) you placed the descriptive text in the center, and spaced the movement buttons around the outside, to get a better "feel" for which way the main character is going. I am curious, though, why each "room" is a separate Form. That's going to be huge and unwieldy as your World expands. I looked at the "Satchel" Form and I like the visual layout. Is the game also going to have a D&D-like "character sheet"?
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