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    Weekly Digest - new feature

    I've not had it:(
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    Benvenuto nel forum. Non conosco affatto italiano, quindi spero che questa traduzione sia accurata. :)
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    Solved Dcount not working

    =dlookup("[Auftrag]","[Tasks]","[Status]='Offen'") also works in the forms textbox. I suspect that you will need to add to your criteria though because you have many records marked "Offen"
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    Solved Dcount not working

    The following works in the immediate window: msgbox dlookup("[Auftrag]","[Tasks]","[Status]='Offen'")
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    Solved Dcount not working

    I think it would
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    Solved Dcount not working

    So have you tried it using Tasks
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    Error 2585: Closing a form from within a Sub

    You're welcome. Glad you find the proposal of use :)
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    Error 2585: Closing a form from within a Sub

    Nearly got the effect you want using "SendKeys" but in any case I've since learnt that "SendKeys" no longer works in Windows 10. Best suggestion I can make is to move the focus to the Close button, change its Caption and its Backcolor. Then the user only has to press the Enter key to close the...
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    Error 2585: Closing a form from within a Sub

    Why not deal with validation in the Form's BeforeUpdate event. See Attached
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    Solved Need Correct Where Condition

    Perhaps you should be using DateAdd() rather than DatePart(). Something like: WhereCondition:="[FollowUpDate] = Between DateAdd("ww",-2,[FollowUpDate] ) AND DateAdd("ww",2,[FollowUpDate] )
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    Find and return value of record primary key

    Take a look at the DLookup() function
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    Solved Simple Query to divide two fields

    Perhaps something like: FormatNumber(1/70,4)
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    SELECT Query with AND in criteria

    The query will return no records with your criteria because no record have P1 AND P2. Perhaps you need to use OR instead of AND
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    Welcome to the forum :)
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    Checking Data

    I agree entirely with you missingling, which is why I advised the use of the form's BeforeUpdate event in post #5 and #8
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