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Recent content by bob fitz

  1. bob fitz

    Calculate between 2 dates with an added alternative

    Something like: iif(IsDate([Close Date]),DateDiff("d",[created date],[Close Date]),DateDiff("d",[created date],Date())
  2. bob fitz

    Set Control Source of a Combo Box and Text box From other Table

    Open the form that is bound to Table1 I design mode. Use the wizard to add a subform taht is bound to Table2. Also use the wizard to create the combo box.
  3. bob fitz


    You could use DLookup() in some code. Have you tried this yet. Alternatively, perhaps you could use a combo box to enter the idnumber. If the combo is populated by the data in the "other" table then you could populate the text box from a hidden column in the combo.
  4. bob fitz

    Solved DateAdd Format (Medium Date)

    Actually, I did not "miss" it. I chose not to suggest changing part of the expression that was already returning the required value.
  5. bob fitz

    Solved DateAdd Format (Medium Date)

    Actually, our suggestions differ slightly, but I think that both would work :)
  6. bob fitz

    Solved DateAdd Format (Medium Date)

    Try: Code: between the " & DateAdd("m", -1, Format(Forms![TRHA]![Medical_Due_Subform].Form![Medical_Due],"dd/mmm/yy")) & " and " & Forms![TRHA]![Medical_Due_Subform].Form![Medical_Due] _
  7. bob fitz

    Solved Filter on two different inputs in form

    Try: Me.Filter = "[User] Like " & Chr(34) & Me.CMBUser & "*" & Chr(34) & " And ([ProposedDestructionD] <#" & Date() & "#")
  8. bob fitz

    text file to upload in a table

    And the answer to my question is.........?
  9. bob fitz

    how to copy records to textbox

    Why do you want to copy the data to the unbound text box? What will you do with it when it's there?
  10. bob fitz

    text file to upload in a table

    How big is the db before you try importing data. Have you done a "Compact and Repair" on the db.
  11. bob fitz

    How to check when Form Preview is closed?

    I believe so
  12. bob fitz

    How to check when Form Preview is closed?

    If you open a report in Print Preview you could use the reports Close event to close the form.
  13. bob fitz

    Detect if larger value is not in place

    Cross posted: https://www.accessforums.net/showthread.php?t=81807 It has already been suggested to you that you have a problem with your table design and that until that is sorted out you will have problems.
  14. bob fitz

    Solved Data Type Gumbo

    Why can't you use Short Text type
  15. bob fitz

    Copy Tabular Data into one Textbox

    The column count for combo/listboxes is zero based, so the first column is referenced with NameOfCombo.Column(0) and the second column is referenced with NameOfCombo.Column(1)
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