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  • Hi Bob fitz
    Cloud you please check this below link and solution this problems, this example is for isladogs. I just edit and try to put. But did not success. Hope you will help me. thank you.
    Hi Bob,

    Sorry for the delay as well as I been busy with some personal stuff for last week. I will post my questions soon.
    Well I am not sure yet Bob. Chris is on vacation, and I don't know what is Tony upto. I will pop him an email later today.

    Anyway, we are definitely meeting up in September though. The date and venue will be confirmed closer to that Date. It will be a Sunday do not worry about that ! :)

    Hi Valery,

    Sorry, I've been away from my computer for a few days and have only just seen your message.
    Are you still in need of help?


    Bob Fitz
    Hi Bob,

    I need an update to the coding you did for me to create a new record, copy some fields and some calculations...

    Do I resubmit this as a new Post/thread or can I send this to you, only?

    In short, the frequency field use to have a number, i.e. 56, that represented a number of days. Now, it also has a number but it is the number of weeks (a whole number).

    You had used this number to calculate a date. I can't figure out how to do the update (can't even tell where you do the calculation - code is so clean).

    I would like to resend the coding to you. But to I do it in here, as a message, or in a new post/thread, entitled ???.

    Let me know, please.

    Thank you so much for all your help.
    Bob, did you get a message from me? Not sure I am doing this right. Had a question for you - exclusively. Do I include in a thread? Thanks!
    I have data base in xp version
    Now i am using windows 7 and now it not opening in windows 7
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