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  • Thanks for the message Rain, when I read my post the following day I nearly died, I won't be posting after drinking with my son in law again.
    Brian you deleted a post to do with weekdays. You did this after realising you made a mistake. As far as I am concerned and despite what others say, LOL, you did an honourable thing by admitting your mistake. I wish more people were man enough to admit the same instead of comming up with some BS excuse. I thought I made a mistake once but I was mistaken.
    Did you just Post in Age Calculation and then delete it.
    If so I assume you posted in the wrong place.
    If not for some reason I can't find it.
    Hey Brian! Just spotted the rep from Wednesday, thanks very much indeedy!

    Have a good weekend, enjoy the sunshine,

    I'm not actually back in Scotland yet. Work have messed me around big time to the point that I was going to hand my notice in, funny that I got a response within 8min after that stating they would move me. It was their wish intially but seems they have been somewhat indecisive. Going back Mid April finally, wedding plans coming along nicely too. I'll def be needing my honeymoon after all this. I've had a pretty rough introduction into management as well but that's a whole other story, surviving though lol!
    I see you just managed to scrape a win today, do watch the ManU vs Pompey tonight to see how it's done properly:D
    Hi Brian, just checking in to say hello. How did you enjoy your hol? bet it seems like a long time ago now! Hope all is going well with you.
    I suppose it takes a while for the pony express to get down your way. ;)

    Actually he had a point from the way Ballack took out Evra, but I can not go around agreeing with Fergie I'd get lynched.

    You jammy sods! :confused: :confused: :confused:

    We played you off the park, even the officials couldn't help you this time, you know the penalty he didn't give for Vidic holding Toress.

    You will still win the league tho' :mad:
    Well done with the lucky win last night, should put you in the right frame of mind to watch the Champions tonight:cool:
    Hi Brainwarnock,

    How are you?

    Actually i want to know how can i delete import/export specifications in access 2003. Actually i had made lots of specifications which i dont want to use for import. Please suggest me.
    Hey Bri,

    Haven't heard from you lately. Hope all is going well with you and yours. Be sure to give Ms. Hazel a big hug and let her know it's from us.
    It must be starting to get scary for you now that we're breathing down your neck and with a game in hand, jolly bad luck for losing against such a low ranking team too:cool::D
    A lucky win yesterday but well done for knocking the stuffing out of that Chelsea mob!:eek:
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