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  • I thought for one awfull moment that we were going the way of Man U, but no we are better than that :rolleyes:
    I have mixed feelings, I have wanted Rafa to go for a couple of seasons, but if we win anything he wont. He'll only waste anymoney he's given if the past is anything to go by.
    Due to the usual rediculous refereeing we played for 1 hour with 10 men, not against a bankrupt disheartened shower. If they get woundup we go 3rd. :eek:
    Well done to Man U Richey :) I wasn't really too bothered who won but I did cheer on city for a bit as thought it would be fun to wind you up...ha ha - ahh well! Celtic lost tonight and Gers won. the champs are 10 points clear, that will do me :cool:
    I'm very well thanks Hays, so good to hear from you again
    I hope you're keeping well too:)
    Sorry we didn't make it last night, 3 away goals was 1 too many to get back, left us open for counter attacks, and Reina was a pillock for their first.
    I presume that you will be having a chinky this week to celebrate Chinese new year.
    We are going to our favourite restaurant Wednesday so I'll be able to ignore that crappy red team's game against wigan.
    Sat eating a chinky washed down with a bottle of, damn I can't focus to read the label:D
    You have been looking at the index for ages now, how about posting something and stirring up the yanks. :D
    Yes, sort of. I haven't been able to get it saved to my hard drive yet. I also PM'd you on this.
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