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  • Hi CJ,

    I just tried to post a reply from a reply to an earlier post I made just yesterday.
    But there seems to be a glitch, system reckons its spam. Would you be able to assist please? TVM
    Do not post any links in the messages for the next few posts.
    I joined recently as isladogs thought I could make a contribution to a "System color theory". I wanted to add a link to a download for my Free TMDThemeMaker but the post was refused. What is the method for adding links?
    You can check who I am with isladogs or, this afternoon, with Crystal Long (strive4peace). Are YouTube links also a problem?

    Hi CJ_London
    could You please look at my thread, if you are not busy
    Hi CJ,
    Thanks for restoring my post, saved a lot of time me having to explain things again. If you like you can delete the newer one I created, if it prevents confusion in group.
    Hi CJ
    can you provide me a solution on how the added record to AddNewCargo frm when the frm closes to be appear on top in the row of Navigation form.
    plz see the thread for details.. I need your help.

    Hello CJ_London, Could you pls help me in the follwoing thread.
    Creating Report when a button is clicked with appropriate colour of each record.
    Many Thanks
    No problem with the messages - I just don't always see them! My workload has been horrendous the last few weeks so have not been on the forum as much as usual.

    So, OP = Original Poster

    I'm away for the next week or so, so don't be surprised if I don't respond sooner!
    Hello again.
    Now I have another problem :)
    From where come "OP" ? You use this in post #11 in this thread:
    I quote the OP
    I understand what you mean. But from where comes this two characters ?
    Thank you.

    Please, tell me if you don't agree this type of messages and I'll avoid to disturb you in the future.
    Hi CJ !
    May I ask you to enlighten me a little bit ?
    It is about the word "country".

    1 country. Yes ?
    2 countries. Google Translate show me this format for more than one country.

    But I see in one of your posts that you use "counties".
    What is the best expression for this ?
    Thank you ! :)
    Hi CJ. Thanks for the message. Ive got a specification that ive written, if you'd like to have a look at it and let me know how much you think it'll come to. I'm having a go at doing the easy bit; building tables and the few forms that I can do but definitely need a pro to do the hard bit. Do you have an email i can send to?
    i know im not meant to contact you through this forum to ask this, but im of the understanding that you are a programmer. if this is so then how much do you charge p/h. you see, the diary view was built by someone called andrew. although he has done everything i have requested(paid for) he seems to be too busy to handle little projects. so im kind of looking for someone to take over that has the time between other clients.

    so let me know if this is something you do.
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