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  • Hello DCrake,
    I saw your post from 2010 about a design for an appt scheduler. In one of your responses you included an image of an appt schedule. The appt date was April 1, 2010. It displayed 3 users and a list of appointments for each.
    I have a similar system, but my system has a subform for each user. Each subform has it's own scroll bar.
    You are able to combine a 30 minutes appt into one box and a single scroll bar.
    Is there anything you can share about how you did this?
    What tools you used for instance.
    Bill Echert
    Sorry for the incredibly late reply, I never checked my PM's until now!

    April 15 causes a great deal of grief annually by way of finishing all of my clients tax returns on time. In other words, it's when taxes are due to the IRS, and I run a CPA firm
    Thanks for all David ...
    I hope Ms Access is performing like SQL Server in Paradise !!!!
    We will never forget you !
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