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  • Hello good morning sir

    Please sir I need your help, i design a database in MS access for a pharmaceutical shop. These are the field I have in my form
    a. Name of drugs (in combo)
    b. Quantity
    c. Unit price
    d. Total
    e. Grand Total
    Sir, if a customer bought more than one drugs how do i add more field in my form to add more?
    *Name of drugs *Quantity *Unit Price *Total
    1. Panadol 2 30 60

    Name of drug = Panadol
    Quantity= 2
    Unit price = 30
    Total = 60

    Please how do I add more Drug Name, Quantity, Unit price and Total either by clicking on a button. Thanks for your usual assistance
    Dear Gina

    Please accept my apologies for not responding sooner.

    Unfortunately my father passed away and only now have I returned home and recommenced everything.



    I visited your Diva page and I wish I had done so a year ago - it would have saved me hours of frustration! Good stuff...
    Hi Gina, I'm having trouble with a Relationship for my form. I can't upload to the forum but if your willing to take a look at it privately,then I could send. It is Copyrighted and so would have to be deleted afterwards! If not, I understand.

    Hello again,
    can u help me with an if for my form. im trying to show a picture if a check box is checked. I tried to put this code
    If bestpictureoscer Then
    oscarPic.Visible = True
    oscarPic = False
    End If
    in the form properties in on current and after update but it doesn't work.
    I'm sorry to disturb you on a personal message like this but I've been at this all day.
    Thank you again
    Hi Gina,

    Well done with your work with David Paton - well beyond the call of duty! glad I went on holiday when I did:)

    I notice you are a developer - are your freelance by any chance?

    The reason I ask is I am trying to find or build a network of freelance developers who can provide mutual technical support to overcome the issue some clients have of putting business to lone developers, preferring to use larger organisations. Work would be paid, but need to work out the details. I also sometimes have more work than I can handle and I hate having to turn business away because I can't complete in the required timescale - so this might be handled collaboratively or by subcontracting.

    If this is of interest please contact me on my direct email


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