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    Count distinct entires

    COUNT(DISTINCT column_name) is not supported in Microsoft Access databases
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    New User, Long Time Reader

    Welcome to AWF, John.
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    Many to Many form

    OwenW, If you are adding a new Person, that person has to be assigned to a Company and Division; then to a Shift specific to that Company and Division. Your form doesn't appear to allow selecting a Division assignment for a new Person. As has been mentioned, cascading combos are the means to...
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    Solved Child table not inheriting parent primary key autonumber value

    Can you post a graphic of your form(s)? Form/sub form Link criteria?
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    Link to same field in same table

    Genealogy databases can get quite complex. Here're a few video links by Richard Rost to help with concepts 1: 2: You may also review Gedcom for more info on genealogical structures.
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    Many to Many form

    OwenW, Just looked at your ManyToMany2 after reading comments by others. Given that Tony (UG) OK'd your design, I tried using your dataentry form to enter a new Person (Polly Carbonate) into shift 2 for Division "Design" for Company 2. A couple of issues: -unclear how to select a Division for a...
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    Many to Many form

    So 1 organ may have 1 or many ranks? Let's clarify and get some sample data to design, and test this: Also, I'm not following why RankID and StopID (autonumbers) have text values in your display. OK found it Lookup Fields???
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    Many to Many form

    I looked at your tables and relationships. I am not familiar with the subject matter, but based on your description I question the inclusion of OrganID in the Link and Ranks tables. I think the attached satisfies your description, but then again you know the details better than any reader. See...
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    ImpersonateUser in VBA , Need to verify the credentials as well

    In addition to the comments provided so far, can you describe the business being automated in simple English to assist readers with context. Also, it may be helpful if you describe the urgency and your role to get focused responses.
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    New to Access

    Welcome to AWF! If there is/are specific issues, best to list things so readers can respond. Always helpful to give a description of the business process(es) you are automating. If you have a diagram of your tables and relationships, that is a great starting point to provide context for readers.
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    I am from Bangladesh and moderate user in Access

    Welcome aboard AWF!
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    Reference to a list of JET/ACE functions

    I don't. But I did find this from M$oft via Google. History of Jet/ACE
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    My first report....

    More info required.
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    Agree - a copy of the database with instructions and some sample data would be helpful. Has there been any update(s) to the code, the data or the PC/network? Do you have a backup of the "working" system?
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    Union query

    Further to comments provided by others, you should avoid spaces in field and object names. There are several articles and youtube videos on database normalization . Getting your tables an relationships identified is essential to design. Lots of articles/tutorials in the Database Planning and...
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