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  • Hi JD, Hope you are well. I am afraid I really do not have much info/idea about SQL server backend. :(
    Thank you very much !
    It was a luck to identifier that password so quickly.
    I have activated on BYTES forum for years. Under the same name (my first name: Mihail) as well on the SolidWorks forum (also as Mihail) and is the first time when someone do not say "Thank you" for help.
    Thank you, again !
    Jack... I am glad you are available... I have another question for you... Let's say I had another example... but this time I two combo boxes to populate the two different listboxes. I am trying to do the same thing as before, however, I need the employees to be able to choose entitlements from the actual system. So, if I was using your "AWESOME" example, how could I re-filter the sample table for a small population or write the query that says all NO?
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