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  • Thanks for the update. There is not much info on client install A13. Just talked to VP of DAAUG yesterday. We are attempting to get a mutual friend of ours from the MS Access 2013 development group to put on a webcast and explain the whole 64 bit part of VBA. I will be evaluating VM and Citrix to start testing A13 next month.
    Also talked to OpenGate owner http://www.opengatesw.net/contact.htm to discover their testing setup. Their product now works on A13.
    Thank you very much for sharing!
    I ordered a new server that arrives next week to install and take a first look at Access 2013. I was interested that your A03 has lots of VBA. And, that you got it installed on your A13. Everything I have been reading and viewed from the MS Presentation claims there is no longer VBA.
    Along with no VBA is all of the rich user events we have become accustom to. It is a vastly downgraded language, record set and more.
    Nothing would please me more than a surprise to see VBA still there.

    So, please keep me informed about this.
    In about two weeks, I should have my SQL Server and Access test bed set up myself.

    In preparation for A13 not having VBA, I am looking at Citrix for my home office development. It is something I use now and have used with Access for years.

    Hello John,

    I was just wondering if you were an old co-worker of mine from Molina...

    Have a great day!
    Sherryl Kenney
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