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  • Hi there
    Please reread my response to your last post if read it earlier. There is a new point i added; it is about having no reference all to msain.dll. Thanks
    Look, it let me send a message to myself. This is somewhat introspective.
    VBA is alive and well in Access 2013. In Access 2013 you can create Web apps that can be hosted in Sharepoint, BUT it appears that a specific Macro language is used, not VBA. I have just posted ALL steps required to migrate from Access 2003 to Access 2013.
    Hi Rx, thanks for reading through that long, vague question. What I actually wanted was a check on whether the user has updated the unbound controls and is now ready to save the next piece of the invoice to the table. I looked at ways of doing this using Wait, but it was all too complicated. I think I found a simple way to do it with a modeless messagebox that waits to iterate through the loop until the user updates the form and clicks ok on the messagebox. I am still ironing it out, but I think this is the best solution to my problem.
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