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  • Hi
    can u pls added me on ur msn. my id is
    need some help for access.

    Thank you.
    A survey published in a newspaper today showed that the most searched for recipe was cupcake, should you be worried. :D
    Hi Ken,
    In a post regarding a survey, you said:

    "c. The main question going in for me would be do you want to hard code the questions or be able to 'configure' them from input forms, etc.?"

    I'd like to know what exactly you meant by that because I think this is what I'm looking for.

    I have my db normalized correctly (apparantly) with a linking table tblAnswers in between my main tblCalls and tblQuestions.

    tblAnswers has the following structure:

    My question is, I want to have a static form with the answers hard coded onto the form, lets say frmMain.

    Now, through asking questions, I have come up with some code that will pull the questions (about 20) from tblQuestions, and write them with the current CallID (CallID is the main driving Primary Key for the DB) off of tblCalls, onto tblAnswers

    My problem is that now that the questions are listed in tblAnswers, how can I link the AnswerID field to the combobox pull downs on frmMain.

    ie. Let's assume I am on Call 10, question 1.

    I have a combobox pull down with the question posed as a label:

    Did the Representative greet the caller [PULL DOWN BOX]

    Inside the pull down box, three answers are populated from another table, tblAnswerValues, YES/NO/NA

    I need that unbound combobox form control to update the already existing record in tblAnswers as follows:

    AnswerID/[whatever is picked in the pull down box]

    But I can't seem to get an answer from anyone! I think what you were asking is what I am looking for...
    the code cdbl works. Expr1: CDbl(Right([DBA_INC_LOAN_BANK]![BRANCH_NUMBER],3)) this it the way i put it and it works now this result is in three digit number and i have to compare it to a field that whe you compare it could gave me a name for that value
    hi ken,

    I have confuse using access 2007. please help, I can't find tool to startup my form on it.
    Ken, I didn't know WHO nominated me; I knew HOW I became an MVP. My comment was mostly that it was unexpected. I had not visited for at least a month due to some really extensive business travel for my primary work system (not an MS product).
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