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  • ((Hi paul, I may need your help once more.. I have put up a new thread. You may read it here: How to pull out data based on a search made

    I hope you could help me on this one. Thanks!)) -- PROBLEM SOLVED

    Awesome Paul! As always, you are a life saver!
    Here is the problem:
    I have a form called "Search" that i want to display information with the control "Month". In my main datavase (info TBL) i have set a field name DOB which is set as Date/Time Data Type. In the Form Search the information will be displayed through a subform called as info TBL Query subform.
    I use a query in my Search form because the need to derived month value from the DOB field. In the query I set a expression as MONTH:FORMAT([DOB],"M"). The query return the value as i expected but it didn't show the value when I use it as a subform. The result i'm getting for the field MONTH in my info TBL Query subform is #Name?

    I know that I can declare a calculated field in my main table using Access 2010, but now i'm using Access 2007. Is there any method that i can use to manipulate the calculated filed in the query. u can check the attachment in the forum at the queries section.

    I really appreciate this
    Hi Paul.:)

    I really need you help, some opinion maybe, I've attached the database that i use as "try& error" tools. The previous attempt to upload my database failed so using this clone database will give u some ideas. The last time i tried to search value between the range for " Date From" & " Date To". i'm still didn't get the exact result for my search range and i try another method that is to use a query as to calculated value for month.

    I really appreciate this

    I did not want to say anything in an open Forum so I decided to PM you.

    I started off explaining that input masks and formats really don't affect the storage of the data. There are exceptions to this especially when the input mask forced the entry of certain patterns. Telephone number can be forced to display as (02) 3456 8765 as each character is required and it must be a number. But dates are dates and are only stored as I mentioned in the post. Dates are simple once you understand the concept. If you want more info please ask.

    Now to your problem, and that is one of Normalisation. You have repeating Data with Mon, Tue, Wed, etc. This is said without seeing your actual database and is therefore just an educated guess. So reask your question in a new thread and see what others may say.
    Hi Paul,

    i've tried to reduce the size of my file.. & still the file is too big to attach with this msg. any idea how i can deliver it to u? thanks

    Annie :)
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