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This sample shows a simple way of organizing reports. Only the first three reports work. The sample is still under development to the export to Excel isn't coded yet. This form was designed to facilitate batch printing. The user picks one or more reports from the list on the left and using the arrow keys, moves the item to the run list. Once the reports are all selected, he presses the export option (default is preview) and then the print button. The print button merges all the criteria from the selections and opens a form to allow it to be entered. The way this interface works, the parms have the same value for each report selected. If you need two different date ranges, you need to pick the reports for range 1 and run them. Then pick the reports for range 2 and run them.



You can format the input from your date control, in the same way as your Expr4 data:
So in your criteria use:


You could create a second text box on you form to display that after updating date control on your form if it would make it more intuitive for the end user.
Minty, using the information/guidance you provided, I was able to get the reports up and running the way I needed. Thank you. Pat, thank you for the response also. I will take a look at the example you provided and see if I can use it.

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