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  • hi..i want to design a message which appear from right to left at bottom of screen on opening then disappear from left to right on closing .i tried using inside height
    You can make changes to the [Maintenance Date] field once a month until the Departure Date does not change.
    This means it changes once a month.
    For example:
    - OutOfDate = 27/3/2021
    - Maintenance date = 27/4/2021
    Then 1 month Maintenance Day = 27/5/2021
    If OutOfDate = Current date will not change
    At stops: - MaintenanceDate = OutOfDate
    Thank you!
    Hi @arnelgp
    If you have time, I have posted a thread regarding "current active user". Please have a look.
    Many thanks
    Yesterday you provided the SQL
    select id, invoice, dcount("1", "yourTableName", "ID <= " & [ID]) As Sequence, Status from yourTableName Order By id Asc;
    I do not have an ID value. To simplify, assume a table of only invoice numbers with duplicates. How would I change your SQL to:
    1) get a sequential number for each record
    2) get a subset of sequential numbers by the invoice number
    You should ask this question in the forum thread where you are more likely to get a quick answer
    hello .. hope you are fine
    i need to make a list box field in an access table its value depends on the value of another list box >>
    Example a field2 is a list box its values appears depends on the value i chosen from field1 list box ,, so
    i made a table for field1 values and another table for values of each value in field1
    how could i control it
    Hi, Arnelgp. 2or 3 years ago you supplied me with vba.accdb that included basBrowse and basSelected so that my FE would run on Access 64-bit computers. That user left but now have 2 new users with 64-bit Access installed. Neither can open the FE--getting error#7960. The only code changes (other than cosmetic) is that the distributed FE is now done on my installed Office 365 Access.

    I don't have another computer on which to install a 64-bit version for debugging purposes, so one other probably dumb question: can I set up a VM and install it there?
    Thanks for letting me know about the table, I have done a new thread with local tables and deleted the last one.

    I hope you can help :)
    Hi you create a New Thread and I will attached the sample db there.
    I cannot attached anything here.
    Please Open the Module1 first on the db for instruction on how to make
    a signature in Outlook.
    Hi Arnelgp,

    you helped me with the email attachment post about 2 weeks ago at link below:

    It works really well!

    Can you please help include the vba code to set the default signature when a new email is created in outlook?

    thanks for you help!

    hello friends, I have two tables in my database with name "Invoice" and "Supplier" now I want to make a "Invoice form". And on this Invoice form I am having a combo box of supplier Name which is taking source data from supplier table. All the other fields on invoice form changes on change event of combo box. Now what i want is that, this data will automatically save into INVOICE Table.

    in simple words form will use Supplier table as record source and save this data into Invoice table on change event of combo box.
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