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  • Dear,
    I am in big soup since yesterday, unable to find out the correct reason why my form is behaving abnormal.
    I need your help to understand to resolve this issue. The issue is;
    when i one main form and sub form. On Main form on load i the code is docmd.maximize is return. But unable to get the effect. If i click on sub form it get maximize.
    It will be a great help if you send me your email address. i will send the db.
    thanking you.
    Good Morning Arnel,

    I was looking through the forum, and saw your post here ( regarding a pdf to save in an attachment field from a file.

    I wrote a post here ( which I believe is what I'm looking for, but have no idea what to change in your code from above (to replace my table/field) names.

    I basically save a report in pdf which gets saved to a networked drive folder. I want to be able to select the attachment field for a specific employee and save my file from the networked drive directly into the employee record. I just don't know what I'm doing wrong...
    very very thank to you its really working it's exactly what i was looking for...

    very very thank you...

    i have one more problem on the same form after some record its shows
    "RunTime Error 2046 'paste Append' is not available"

    any solution for this thing

    but your suggestion is very very helpful thanks again
    hello friend , how are you. actually i want to know that how i can clear clipboard when i close the form. because i got stuck here and i don't know what to do now?? whenever i am trying to close my database its says

    "you copied a large amount of data onto the clipboard. ...Do you want to save this data on the clipboard?"

    and its frustrating what to do now???
    hello arelgp, how are you today? my post is in the forms forum called subform column selection . spikepl posted a demo that let me select items from a list box and the sub form then changes to hid the selected. this works great . but if the user closes the application and re opens it all the columns in the sub form are shown , what I am trying to achieve is that a user can for example is based on drawings ,if a user selects a certain drawing he can then filter the subform to only show the columns required for that drawing, and even if he selects that drawing on a different time it will only show the columns selected for that drawing. I hope this helps you , and I hope you can help me please.
    Hey buddy I need your help... I have a log in form.. wich reads wich user is in the form. and I want to see in the msgbox "welcome " & wich ever user is logging in? do you get me?
    hi arnelgp , hope you are well, I have posted a topic on the forms section titled subform column selection, my initial question was answered , can you look at it please as I have asked another question about it , and it was suggested I ask you for help in producing some code to solve my problem by sneuberg, could you have a look please and help if possible , thank you
    Material Controller - Piping/Mechanical (Oil & Gas/Powe Plant/Petrochem)

    We kind of have the same jobs... ish.
    Hi Arnelgp,

    Sir can i have your email id so that i can share you my Database file and explain you on the areas required corrections in detail.

    Thanks in advance.
    Hi Arnelgp... Hope you are doing good.. I have a access file in which few corrections are required can you please help me i am new to access and VB.
    Hi Arnelgp,

    Could please assist me in the forum named 'Creating a Multi-Select list box and updating subform' it is located in the VBA & Modules forum.

    Thank you so much.
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