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Jan 23, 2006
I'm trying to set this up on XP at the moment. I have Off2003 and have custom install of Acc2010, Word2010 and Sharepoint. I don't use Sharepoint , so am leaving that for the moment. I did see various posts re: "NoReReg" and have done that for Word 2003. The issue I'm having that I would like have advice on is:
If I'm opening an mdb, I'm getting a reconfig/reinstall of Access 2010. I'd like to be able to open an mdb with 2003 (at least until Iget some familiarity with 2010).

For anyone with both of these on same machine, and having resolved the "reconfiguring/reinstallation issue", would you please advise me how it was done - either here or through PM.

I did not see an Options to set up the NoReReg for Access 2003 or 2010.


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