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Dec 26, 2009
We would like to have our MsAccess 2003 Reports printed as Office 2003 Excel Spread Sheets.

I am having the following problems
Placing the report name into the header
Keeping their format to Landscape, Letter Size
Showing the total's name beside the calculations

Your suggestion will be appreciated.

Thank you


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Feb 28, 2001
Here is the basics of the process of exporting a report to a spreadsheet.

If you want the name placed in the header then there has to be a field the Report Header Section that accomplishes that display in report mode. The OutputTo action would then pick up the header if it is there in the report. Ditto for the total's name, perhaps in a Report Section Footer where the total would be shown. You can put a text box there for the name you want displayed.

As to the Landscape/Letter features, those are available if you open the file as an Excel application object. Once you do the OutputTo, that isn't an Access report any more, it is an Excel file, and you would need to use Excel to control it. If you use App objects, you can express the orientation and size and save the file with the new printer-related settings.

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