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Jun 26, 2007
I couldn't find anything on how you could get a transparent image as your buttons image. I did find one post HERE on Tek-Tips that briefly explained a work around so I tried it and it worked. I created a .pdf explaining better and used pictures to show how its done.

Hope this helps someone!!!


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Jan 14, 2017
I've only just seen this post over a year later.
Thank you for posting but its totally unnecessary to do all those steps.

Instead open any form in design views and click Insert Image in the Form Design ribbon.
Now click Browse and select any suitable image. It will be added to the Image Library.
You can then select any of the images in the image library for a button image or other purposes.

Two things to be aware of:
1. Files added to the image library are stored in a deep hidden system table as attachment fields.
Make sure you only add small files to the library to avoid 'bloating' the database too much
2. If you want to use the images on a button, resize to about 16px by 16px maximum or they may be too large for the button

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