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Prabhakaran Karuppaih
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Today, 18:23
Mar 22, 2009
Hi All,

Good Evening. I Love Compilation Albums. Like: Now that's what I call Music! and Max Series like Max 4 and Max 6 and all. The problem is, In Music Streaming sites like Amazon Music and All other like spotify and few other sites, the Compilations wont be bought as a whole but the songs are present individually. My current pursuance is to make some compilations present in those sites as my personal playlists. I want to use web-scraping using selenium and Amazon Music Playlist API to create the playlists dynamically instead I going into the site one by one and adding the songs one by one. In a click of button I want to automate the entire process.

Has anyone tried it here?

I have problem in authenticating my credentials before accessing the playlist API. Amazon has used REST to expose the API. I am using POSTMAN software for the POST and GET requests. All inputs are welcome. Thanks :)

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