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I know when you see these you will think, "What are you doing?" So, I will tell you. I have to append certain records to another table multiple times. I have a field that stores the number of times the record needs to be appended. I thought that I could do it with SQL and a loop, but I can not get it. Any ideas?


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Create a table with only one (integer) field.
Fill it with values you are gonna need... 1 thru 1000 would seem enough

Now use that as a hash (is that the right name) join (so do not link it to anything) in you query and limit it to <= the number you need.
The record(s) you need will be multiplied by the number you entered.

Hope I wasnt clear as mud... If I was... ask away...

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Here is what I am trying to do. I have a table called tblMailingList. It is made up of records from two tables. I can do that. Where I have a problem is, I have some customers the get multiple issues of a magazine. So this one customer's mailing address needs to be entered into tblMailingList for every issues they receive. I have no PK's in tblMailingList, it won't need them because they won't be linked to anything. I am putting the data into the table, exporting it as an Excel file, and deleting all information out of tblMailingList. This is done quarterly.

I figured that I could do something like this:

For i = 1 to rs.issues
I know that's not right, but I need something like this.

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Never mind, I finally got my SQL statements right and the Loop that I need. As always, thanks for your help.

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