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Jul 12, 2023
I create new query for create Sum in any fields and make new field for amount that sum fields, but when i create new field for amount when i run the query it always as me to "Enter Parameter Value?" what problem with new field for amount?. In any field that we use Sum it auto to create field name with SumOf...., unless i change to new name in the new field for amount it always as for "Enter Parameter Value?" also. How i fix this problem.
Thanks in advance
Can you go to SQL view, copy your sql string, and post it here?
"Enter Parameter Value?"
Always means that Access doesn't recognize a column name from the query so start by verifying all of them. OR, you could be referencing a form field or function that isn't spelled correctly.
Generally those boxes tell you the name of the parameter they want. That same name appears in your query and Access (or ACE/SQL) doesn't know how to find it. Which means either (a) spelled incorrectly, (b) incorrectly qualified as to location, or (c) not qualified for location when it SHOULD be.
You're obviously using calculated fields. In addition to the above, you may continue to use a calculated field even though it (or its alias) is not yet available according to the query processing order.
How i fix this problem
Analyze and think through your query.

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