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Jan 11, 2005
Perhaps the most fundamental reason for using a database is to process names. Specifically, a process that can automatically parse a name into its constituent name parts and provide a method in which names can be populated into their proper places is a great time-saver.

For instance, if you type the name "Mr. John Q. Smith, Jr.", the process would automatically parse out the name as such:

Prefix: Mr.
First Name: John
Middle Name: Q.
Last Name: Smith
Suffix: Jr.

Of course, the process should be able to determine prefixes, suffixes, names with prefix surnames in which the last name consists of more than one name part (such as "Oscar de la Hoya"), and even nicknames if they are wrapped in double quotes.

The tutorial includes a complete database, a detailed instruction Word document, and the procedure that handles the automated process is richly commented, allowing the programmer to understand the logic.

After a programmer is familiar with the process, it is a simple matter to import the tables, query, and module into his own development arena and modify it to his own needs.

The contents of the zip file are a word document and an access database. Of course, you must require macros and/or set Macros to low for the vba to work (but you all knew that already :D ).

NOTE: Although the database is in the form of .mdb, and was saved as a 2000-2003 database, it was designed in 2013 and I wasn't able to test it on a legacy db. If there are problems with a legacy Access DB, please let me know.


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