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Feb 14, 2024
We use a CD800 Datacard printer at my job. It's currently leaving 1/3 of every card it prints on blank. Entrust isn't a very helpful business, and I can't find anything else on the internet or in the manual to guide me to a solution. I've tried rebooting and exploring the settings to no avail. Any tips or pointers are greatly appreciated!
Create a new report, and use the Label Wizard to choose your label size, etc.
Of course you already have the latest printer drivers from the manufacturer's website.
Gasman: There was something that UNIX guys always told me, that the answer was USUALLY this simple: RTFM - and if you didn't get it the first time, read again. But what I offered was the latest manual available for the named product.

OK, the other issue is a suggestion to @Museum Nerd - verify that you are setting the paper size for what you are using for printing purposes to the right size with NO MARGINS and be sure that you have correctly selected landscape or portrait orientation according to whatever the manual says you should use. That "leaving 1/3 blank" sounds approximately like what you might see if you landscaped when you should have portraited or vice versa. Or if you had wrong margins. Check the manual for those specific settings.
Many times I have no clue as to how to solve a poster's issue. However I do know how to use use Google, and many times I can post a link that will work or help.
Why the posters cannot do that is always beyond me, even if they change the criteria?
I always post the actual link, so they can see the criteria I used.

Saying that, I have asked a question here, only to change my criteria and then find an answer.

However, my first point of call is Google. Certainly not chatgpt. :(
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I didn't call ChatGPT. I don't need AI to help me compose a sentence or do a web search. What I typed was in my own words and from my own little tired brain.

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