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Uncle Gizmo

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Today, 19:23
Jul 9, 2003
The insight provided by this video clip sums up my experience with ChatGPT:-

I have written some excellent code in Python, well I should say, me and my mate ChatGPT!

The AI "coding pilots" will open up the world of programming to a new breed of programmers. I just can't imagine what we will see being developed in the near future.

I personally have several projects in mind which have been too daunting to tackle until now. It looks very likely that I will resurrect some of them due to the prospect of serious help from a practically free helper.

Have you got a pet project filed away for a rainy day, a project which you assumed you'd never be able to start or complete?

if it's not confidential, tell us about it....


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Today, 11:23
Mar 14, 2017
I'm thinking of dumping t-sql queries into chat gpt that I know need tuning and see what it suggests to consider.

Also, starting a separate session to see if it can tune-again it's already-tuned versions, see if I can tease the schizophrenic out of it LOL

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