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Jan 3, 2023
I created a form with textbox called "task" which is in HTML template. When I click on the save button it save at the databse with HTML tags.
I would like to create a combox with the task field so in the source field I chose the table. The problem is the combo box display the HTML tags is instead of data like :
I get
<div align=right> aaa </div>
<div align=right> bbb</div>
<div align=right> ccc</div>
I can I solve it?
You can't set the combo display to Rich text so you will have to get a bit clever with it I'm afraid.
In the combo box rowsource create a column:

MyText: PlainText(YourRichTextField)

Then use that as the displayed column?
i'm now sure I understood you. What do you mean by create a column:
MyText: PlainText(YourRichTextField)
at my rowsource I have a query that load the values for the combo box
You mean i need to create another field at the database which save the data in plain text?
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No, in your combobox row source query, simply add that as a calulated field, and use it instead of the current Richtext field.
If it still makes no sense, then post up the SQL of your rowsource for the combo box.
can you please show me how it's done?
my query is
select id,description
from tasks

I would like the description field will be plain text

Not even ordered by? :(

select id,PlainText(description) AS PlainDesc, Description
from tasks

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