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i have created a table for Company information details. ther eis a form related to htis by the name "frmCompany". What if Want is:

1. When the Database is first time loadted or installed this form frmCompany should be the first thing to appear.
2. After all the details are loaded in this form, next time when the database is closed and opened again this form should not open.
3. The company name mentioned in this form should appear in all my form and reports.

Pat Hartman

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Feb 19, 2002
Create a table to store the company info.
Bind the table to the company form.
Make the company form the startup form.
In the form's current event check to see if there is a record displayed.
If there is a record, hide the form and open the application's switchboard.
If there is no record, leave the form visible.
Have a button on the form that lets the user save and continue. This button will hide the company form and open the application's switchboard.
All of your other forms should reference the hidden form's controls in their ControlSource.


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